that girl (unfaithful_eyes) wrote in gayonia,
that girl

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hottness is all around!

Dear Gayons,

here's many wonderfully hott pics for your enjoyment. comment your thoughts.



emo love.

OMG hott!

just plain hott.

for those who've been waiting for girl makouts.

love to all. byeee. ♥
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"just plain hot" is hottest hotttt. and CONGRATS on finally finding HOTT GIRL PIXXXXXXXXXXXX


i mean 4
actually #2 "hot" is the hottttest.
I like just plain hott. Man i really need a boyfriend.
Finally. Even the boy pics are better than most of the previous entries, though #2 does not appeal to me in any way..probably because the guys look like GUYS and not feminine boys. hah. okay bye.
you're silly.

i cant believe that no one's said anything about SEXY Gerard!! gosh........ idiots!

i agree with cat800 both guys on picture 2 are hott

and im prety sure picture 4 is just two members of the band my chemical romance (wich rock out loud i must say)